selfies-3photo credit// Hetler Photography

hello there!

i’m kate and it is lovely to meet you. (:

what’s my style?

relaxed, fun and natural. i am here to capture real life in a creative way. my goal is to make each wedding, each shoot, personal. i want to capture you as you truly are so that who you are shines through in the photos. i also love when people want to incorporate things that inspire them into photos and i am always open to new ideas.

speaking of inspiration…what inspires me?

family. everything i am today, i am because i am loved by my family.

my husband. he is such a hardworking,talented, devoted husband and daddy. i adore and love  him and so do our two little girls.

beautiful daughters. ella and eden. spending my life watching them grow is a one of a kind experience. i love them more than words…

true friends. when you find them, hold on to them and always enjoy their company.

music. i graduated with a bachelors degree in music and believe it should be a part of every day life. i love discovering new music.

laughter. i love making people happy and i love to laugh.

vintage and antiques. i live in a house that is over 100 years old. i love all things vintage inspired.

open fields and sunshine. there is something about a wide open field and being in the middle of it all with my camera that makes me smile. (:

i feel very blessed to have photography as a part of my life. i enjoy every

aspect of it. the art, meeting new people, and capturing memories.